'Offbeat, but avant-garde'

 MAGIA is a ready-to-wear fashion brand that aims to be associated with modernity and elegance. Creating contemporary designs, we are motivated by our need to offer fashion in line with the modern phenomenon. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all things fun and fashion. 

Founded in December 2021 by Mahima Gambhir, we have come a long way since. When we first started out our vision gave us the impetus to turn inspiration into something big.

At MAGIA, you will find reinvented classics and styles that mix feminine and masculine silhouettes to elevate your everyday. Our collections aim to be powerful and unique as we offer tailored garments with a little bit of edge and refined pieces reflecting sophistication.

We hope to standout with our team energized at creating something new for you everyday.

MAGIA clothing offers comfort, quality and wearability as we create hand worked pieces keeping in mind our aesthetic point of view.

We shall continue to add to our line consistently, so keep your eyes stripped.

Every piece has a story to tell and we at MAGIA are here to offer you pieces which give you a reason to celebrate. We like to believe in them when they say ‘Life is a party, so dress like it.’

The Founder - Mahima Gambhir 

Mahima Gambhir, the founder and creative behind MAGIA reflects her undying love for fashion through this ready-to-wear brand.

She comes from a business background and studied Business Management from King’s College London. To get a better grip over her inner self and enduring fascination towards the industry, she later went on to master in Luxury and Fashion Management in Paris, the fashion capital of the world.

She ultimately recognized her real calling and how real gratification came from creating what she envisioned and that awareness got her to create MAGIA.